The plane parks a fair distance from the haji camp. Bus can take 10-15mins before it moves even after filling up. The bus will take 10mins to get to Haji camp. Bus passengers are offloaded to the arrival lounge. There is a 15-20 min wait and in this period you will be asked by Airport officers to remove bar code stickers from within the passport and attach to page positions.

You will also be testing SIMs here also. As some people start praying in jamaat. An announcement is made for the next passengers to move to the Imigration counter. This is a 10min process if the line keeps moving. Some passengers (not all) will be asked to step back in front of the Cannon dslr for a photograph. After which a routine officer will check for the passport stamp and let you go to collect the luggage off the carousel. Luggage arrives earlier and stands next to the carousel for you to load on the push trolley. you can walk out without waiting for the group leader as he will catch up. The luggage is scanned and At the exit is another office to remove barcode stickers from the passport and give the passports back. The luggage is taken and put on the large trolley along with that of other passengers. We walked to the open waiting area marked for Pakistani arrivals.

The wait here can be from 15 to 45mins. The buses are sent by the Mualam of your Muktab and so can be of any grade specially if you are from the sub-continent.

Upon departure from the Airport, everyone is asked to line up and board the buses. The passports are taken into the Muktab’s custody at the bus door. Rest assured they are safe as is the luggage they will transport.

The bus will drive to Mecca, a 1-2hour journey. The bus might stop half way for snack boxes till it reaches the Muktab’s office in Mecca where the passports are deposited and everyone given wrist bands and neck ID tags. All this to identify the Muktab, when in Minna.

The bus conductor will recite Talbiyah, saying the prayer that a pilgrim should keep saying all the time: لبّیک اللّٰھم لبیّک، لبّیک لا شریک لک لبّیک، ان الحمد والنّعمۃ لک والملک، لا شریک لک۔

Labbayk Allahumma labbayk, labbayk la shareeka laka labbayk, innal-hamda wan-ni’mata laka wal-mulk, la shareeka lak.

“I respond to Your call, O Allah I respond to Your call. I respond to Your call, You have no partner. I respond to Your call. Indeed, the praise and grace are yours as well as sovereignty. You have no partner.”

You may find the enthusiasm of the bus conductor comparable to a tour guide, but it’s all in the spirit of Hajj. Everyone may also then be given keys to their room. This however, is dependent on your Hotel Arrangements with the group leader, As there is no formal check-in required at the hotel for groups.

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